February 06, 2002

Is Depression Worth It?

Is it ever worthwhile to be depressed? You're probably thinking, why the hell are you asking such an asinine question! Of course not. Of course depression isn't worth it. You should try to get out of whatever funk you're in ASAP.

But maybe depression has some value.

Maybe being in a low state has some type of value that we don't recognize. Perhaps it is part of a natural grieving process that humans must incur to move on with their lives; one of many steps in the million step program of life.

Or perhaps depression is valuable to have at times so that you can look back upon it and realize how great your life is at other times. Let me give you an example. I went to school at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. Often times during a school year it would rain for a month straight - you wouldn't see the sun once. The only time you would see people outdoors on campus is when they were scurrying from one class to the next, bundled from head to toe in rain gear. But then a sunny day would come, and it would be as if Moses just parted the Red Sea. It was amazing! People would come out of the woodwork. The quad at the center of campus would be full of people playing frisbee, everyone is eating their lunch outside, radios are blasting, people are chatting, and you would see people on campus that you had never seen before! It was wonderful. But why was it so wonderful? Because we hadn't seen the shining sun in so long. We had to miss it for a while to really appreciate it.

Somehow I doubt that people who went to college in southern California had the same sensation. And perhaps people who have never felt the onslaught of depression are in the same boat. Perhaps they enjoy life, but maybe they can't enjoy the immense highs that those who have experienced the deep lows of depression can.

Or perhaps depression is pointless.

Posted by Eli at February 6, 2002 01:44 AM

yes, depression is entirely pointless.
if a point is a centimeter high wall of water, like a striated, unfrozen block of ice suspended halfway up the continuum that is niagara falls, depression cannot see it. depression sees niagara falls Alone, in its entirety. there's no point in that, and that's why it sucks. there's no nuance, nothing worthy of examining or divesting interest in. it is a big heavy curtain of homogeneity -- like your mind has bad eyesight and no glasses. regarding prolonged rain and whether or not it can be used as a metaphor for depression, it occurs to me that the rain stops of its own accord, independent of you. this is unlike chronic depression i would think. when depressed, the sunshine isn't, perhaps, appreciably more therapeutic when it comes out after a long absence than it would be if it were out regularly, like perhaps it would be with seasonal affective disorder. {on a side note, sunshine is generally preferable to rain depressed or not i would think. vitamins and such.}

depression is pointless both literally (see above) and figuratively. figuratively, even if the lows were to make the highs higher you'd just be bipolar and that's a disorder too. ah, human frailty. but with st. john's wort (On sale for $9.99 if you order in the next 13 seconds), in six short weeks at 900mg per day, your inability to deal with the fact that you can't be happy gradually morph into accepting the 'postponement' of happiness. (this is for mild to moderate depression only, or if you have severe depression and want to be mild to moderately depressed, otherwise, consult your cards.) sing with me: "And who could ask for anything more!" ~ red andrew abath

Posted by: Ben at February 10, 2002 04:52 PM

Ben is pointless!

Posted by: Depression at March 10, 2002 02:53 AM

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