February 08, 2002

Silly optometrist.

I just went to the eye doctor's today. Every time I go they seem to have some new piece of cool equipment in there. This time they had something that measured the curvature of my eye just by looking into it.

Anyway, after the first part of my exam, the optometrist put some drops in my eye to dilate them. She then told me to go pick out what type of glasses I wanted, and then we would finish with the exam.

Well, that kind of annoyed me right there. These optometrists always just lead you to believe that this is where you get your glasses, at their (usually) overpriced store where they can make a little more money off you. They do it so mater-of-factly, like there is no other option. They never give you your prescription until you ask for it. Anyway, I started biding my time by looking around at the various styles of frames they have, but within a few minutes I can't see anything clearly because my eyes are dilated! How do they expect you to pick out a set of frames if you can't see?

Posted by Eli at February 8, 2002 02:17 AM

I have been standing here forever.... my feet are sore... no wait, I am standing on an old cheese sandwich. That reminds me, I'm hungry....

Posted by: Your Subconscious at February 9, 2002 09:36 PM

well dang. when you gonna put up the pics from the last chazmadar show? didn't you take some, beotch? Todd.

Posted by: Todd at February 12, 2002 02:18 PM
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