March 06, 2002

Dinking around Frisco.

Saturday was a beautiful day in the city. We walked down through lower Haight to Golden Gate Park. It felt like how thing were in college -- people coming out of the woodwork to enjoy a sunny day. There was a massive drum circle in the middle of the park, beautiful women and wacked out dudes dancing to the music, and a massive variety of folks like me sitting in the sun taking it all in. Scattered throughout the crowds of people were flying frisbees and jugglers. It was interesting to see how people with similar interests congregated; all the jugglers over here, the dancers over there, etc. I guess it would be a good way to meet random people with similar interests.

Saturday night Matt took us out to the Suppenkutche, a great authentic German restaurant just a few blocks from his palce. When we get there, this fancy smancy mator dee tells us it's going to be an hour and a half wait. So the group of us (Matt's girlfriend and some friends of his came along) went down the street for some drinks to bide our time. When we come back an hour and a half later, the matordee tells us it will be another half hour. Back to the bar down the street. We come back 25 minutes later only to wait at the restaurant's bar for another 20 minutes. This definitely seemed like the type of place where you could slip the matordee a $20 (maybe more) and sit down a lot sooner. Fortunately, the food was amazing. I'm not sure if that's because we were starving or because it was just great food, but it was damn tasty.

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