August 01, 2002

Why people develop open source software.

Ever wonder why people develop open source software? I know why I do, and it turns out there are several other categories of people as well. The Boston Consulting Group recently completed a survey of open source developers to see why they do it. Be sure to check out the large PDF file there with all the details. Here are a few highlights: Overall Hacker Motivations:
  1. Intellectually stimulating (44.9%)
  2. Improves skill (41.3%)
  3. Work functionality (33.8%)
  4. Code should be open (33.1%)
Other interesting tidbits:
  • 70% of OSS developers are volunteers.
  • Lack of sleep considered biggest cost of participation.
  • 48.3% of developers stated that "When we prepare a program, it's just like composing poetry or music."
[from Tim O'Reilly's weblog] Posted by Eli at August 1, 2002 02:57 PM

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