November 13, 2002

J2EE vs. .NET Benchmark War

It is probably a waste of time, but I've been distantly following the great Pet Store War of 2002. First, The Middleware Company comes out with a report claiming how much faster the Pet Store application is on .NET than on the J2EE platform. Then the Java backlash started. It's not optimized, their wasn't full disclosure, perhaps Microsoft paid The Middleware Company to do the benchmark. There are plunty of opinions around the web on this issue, but I think Ted Neward's is right on the money: Both .NET and J2EE are going to be around for a while -- this benchmark doesn't change that. Nor does it change how desicisions on which platform to use are going to be made. "... The choice of which technology to use is usually made on a golf course or over a fancy dinner, not in a benchmarking lab."

They say any publicity is good publicity, but I think The Middleware Company lost a lot of respect from developers that look to them for guidance. And they know it. They have since stated "definitive conclusions about how J2EE verses .NET compares cannot be drawn unless a 2nd test is conducted" that addresses some of the criticisms of the community. I'm especially interested in seeing tests done using non-EJB technologies.

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