February 25, 2003

Are you sitting down?

You probably aren't going to believe this. Be shocked, be startled, be amazed... Yes, I'm a full time working man once again. Some of you didn't think it would happen. I was even beginning to have my doubts. But, assuming hell doesn't freeze over anytime soon, the winner of the Employed Eli Pool is Lenise Dudman. Congratulations, Lenise. You win a free meal with your favorite brother next time I'm in Las Vegas.

The job is a consulting gig with ThinkTank23. I don't know too much about what I'll actually be doing besides knowing that I'll be programming. The interesting thing about ThinkTank23 is that everyone works from home. I'll be working with one guy in Seattle, another in Denver, and a third guy who I'm not even sure where he lives yet. Anyway, it's not incredibly long term -- definitely through mid-April and most likely through mid-June. So I might be doing all this job searching over again before you know it.

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