March 10, 2003

Open source in Oregon.

An Oregon state representative pushes the consideration of open source software when aquiring new software. "The bill also requires state agencies to provide justification to the taxpayers any time proprietary software such as Microsoft's is purchased." [The Business Journal]

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March 06, 2003

Wireless in a day.

It all happened in one day. My Dell Inspiron 4150 notebook, Netgear wireless ethernet card, and Netgear MR814 wireless router all arrived from three different delivery men. (Why Amazon wanted to send the two Netgear products seperately to get them to me sooner is beyond me, but I'm not complaining.) Thanks again,! Anyway, I setup the new home network right quick after a few headaches from Windows XP's attempt to automatically configure the network for me. Wireless is great. I can't wait to surf the web from the tree house.

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