February 28, 2002

Road Trip: Day 1.

I just completed the first day of the trip. It feels great to get out of Portland. Maybe it is the sunny weather or the excitement of beginning a new trip, but everything just seems good.

The sights on the road seemed more interesting than they should have been; cows running on a grass covered hill spotted with amazing old trees, an old man driving a brown gremlin, grinning from ear to ear, and the evening sunlight just skimming over the tops of the trees on an angled hill, bringing their tips to a glow. It's nice when things appear more appealing than usual.

I met Rosie tonight for dinner along with her husband Josh and almost two year old daughter Maisy. Maisy was fascinating, and as cute as could be. I don't know too many two year olds, but she seemed like a smart kid. It probably helps that she has two great parents.

I'm staying at the Ashland Hostel tonight. It's a beautiful place, but relatively empty. I'm watching the owner and her nephew play a scrabble-like game on the net as I write this with pen and paper. No internet withdrawals yet.

Posted by Eli at February 28, 2002 09:30 PM

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