March 02, 2002

From Ashland to San Francisco.

Ashland was a pretty nice town. It reminds me of Flagstaff, AZ -- it's a college town with a bunch of rich retirees moving in and taking over. I suppose that allows there to be the large number of unique art houses in town. I was really amazed by The Hardwood Gallery -- everything was made from only wood including neck ties, briefcases, grandfather clocks, and even a bicycle. (I'll add some pictures later when I can upload them.)

I also checked out Lithia Park. Everyone I talked to told me I had to see it. It was designed by the same guy who designed Golden Gate Park in San Francisco (where I arrived yesterday).

The drive in was quite scenic. Mt. Shasta can entertain you for at least a half hour of the drive as it appears to be just off of I-5. There were also numerous sections of rolling green hills with scattered cows and trees that added to the enjoyment of the drive.

I found it interesting that as I got closer and closer to San Francisco, I could just feel the tension in the drivers around me. People drove faster, honked more, and changed lanes every chance they got. The transition from peaceful drive to intense road course was abrupt.

I figure it has to be a good trip because I got a parking spot right across the street from Matt's flat. Good parking spots foretell a lot.

I hunt out in the Lower Haight area of SF last night with Matt and his girlfriend Jennifer. We went to what they consider a dive bar, but the clientelle at a dive bar in San Francisco still seem much younger and shieker than they do in Portland. Everyone seems to have their own style -- great for people watching.

Posted by Eli at March 2, 2002 01:35 PM

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