March 08, 2002

Hanging with Nikki P.

Had a great day yesterday hanging out with Nikki, an old friend from high school. She's unemployed, too, so we managed to find time in our busy schedules to meet up for some lunch and then tour some parts of San Francisco. Nikki is pretty into the art scene down here, so we checked out a few of the local art galleries near Matt's place in upper Haight.

Then we cruised around the city, heading out to The Cliff House on the coast. They had a great antique amusement park machine museum there. That's probably not the best way to describe it, though. They had all these fortune teller type machines, like the one in the movie Big. Plus all sorts of music boxes, player pianos, arm wrestling machines, etc. Unfortunately the museum is scheduled to close down for good in September 2002, so be sure to check it out before then.

After that we went back to Nikki's place to meet her fiance for dinner. They live in a high rise antique building on Russian Hill which provided great views of the city. One funny story: Nikki opened one of her windows which opens out to the side in order to let me take in the view. Well, it was really windy out so the window snaps open and is held open by the wind. We couldn't shut it. So we spent the rest of the evening in a rather chilly, windy apartment, but with an amazing view. I hope they got that fixed ok. Thanks for dinner, guys!

(I'll add some pictures here when I get a chance to unload them.)

Posted by Eli at March 8, 2002 03:27 PM

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