March 11, 2002

Out to Oakland.

Yesterday I had brunch with Liz and Kyle, two friends from high school. Liz has the distinction of being one of the few people I know who actually love their job. And she seems super busy with it, too.

I haven't seen Kyle in probably three or four years. It is always a little weird hanging out with someone that you haven't seen in so long. We ended up playing a game of chess at his place. His place was actually very interesting -- it's an old Mother's Cookies factory in Oakland that's subdivided into large studios.

I'm trying to decide what to do next in San Francisco. A search for the top places to see in San Francisco was somewhat fruitless yet satisfying -- it looks like I've hit the major spots. Maybe I'll just do my laundry and rest up to prepare for the rest of the trip, perhaps hitting the exploratorium before meeting up with Matt (who I'm staying with) for dinner. Later this week I'm thinking of driving down 1 through Big Sur, maybe camping along the way. I hear it is beautiful down there.

Posted by Eli at March 11, 2002 12:06 PM
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